Friday January 7, 2011

Tech House as interpreted by: DJ Ra, George Vala, Patrick Barry & Randy Deshaies

In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, four highly skilled DJs are given the task of executing the most intricate and toughest job to date.

…Dream Level 1 :: Josh Bornstein (aka DJ Ra)
DJ Ra has established himself deeply within the heart of New England’s nightlife community, displaying a genuine passion, integrity and commitment to broaden, showcase and support all things House. As one half of Neovision (along with DJ Aktiv), they seamlessly mix their own unique musical tastes into an electrifying blend of smooth, sultry house and tech-house rhythms with gripping vocals and big, juicy basslines. Headlining events throughout New England for more than a decade, Ra continues to push forward his unique ability to captivate every dancefloor he plays for.

Dream Level 2 :: George Vala
With a unique production background and a wide variety of world music influences, George Vala took the Boston electronic music scene by storm in 2008 as one half of Deftchild, an elaborate live PA project that re-introduced him to his love of both electronic music and live performance. In the years that followed he has skyrocketed to the upper echelon of Boston’s house music scene. As a producer, his music reflects a uniqueness derived from his fascination and early exposure to jazz and world music. As a DJ, he always manages to please the crowd and get the dance floor moving. Breaking tracks ahead of the pack, following his own musical style, and remembering where he came from allows Vala to bring a completely fresh sound to his audiences.

Dream Level 3 :: Patrick Barry
With a dedication and desire to grow that is rarely seen in some new DJ’s, Patrick honed his skills playing for Boston’s eclectic musical community at different house parties, sharing deck time and gaining tips from Boston djs. In October of 2006 Patrick launched himself into the club scene with his first gig at the infamous Venu nightclub, a notorious spot to launch and introduce new talent into the scene. It was here that Patrick’s sound began to evolve and his love for techno grew to compliment his love for house music. His technical skills improving each time he stepped behind the decks, Patrick’s undying desire to obtain every track he could to help polish his sound, grew and grew landing gigs regularly at throughout Boston as well as New York, Providence, Portsmouth (NH), and Miami.

Dream Level 4 :: Randy Deshaies
Randy’s energy comes from a deep love for house music and the obsession to consistently apply that energy to every event and dance floor he is involved in. A love that developed in the later part of the 90s, inspired by such DJs and Producers as; Doc Martin, Josh Wink, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, and Little Louie Vega. Known as one of the hardest working promoter in Boston, Randy has built a reputation on quality house music. Consistently providing Boston with the best underground house music in the area and applying those same principals in his DJ sets.


Hours: 1am – 6am (Fri. night/Sat. morn)
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RISE is 18+ and there is never a dress code.

RISE is a private club. You must be a member, or the guest of a member, to get in.

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This shit will make your Grandma’s eyes roll back into her head. Srsly.


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