DJ Mixes

Bump Classics
Volume 1

Randy Deshaies

A compilation of some of the bigger tunes in underground house music from our bump sundays night from 2002-2004 mixed by Randy Deshaies

01 Rocket – People (Jeno’s mix) – Greyhound
02 Johnny Fiasco – Take 5 – OM Records
03 Lance Desardi – Lets Do Lunch – Lowdown
04 Mike Dixon – House of Mouths – Classic
05 Blakkat – Job Satisfaction – Tango
06 JT Donaldson – My Belief – Icon
07 Freaks – Telefunky (B.H.Q. mix) – mff
08 Freaks – Love Hate (Natural Rhythm mix) – Wash House
09 Demarkus Lewis – Crown Royal – Brique Rouge
10 DJ Ali – You Don’t Know – Village
11 Deep House Souldiers – Taylors Theme (Rick Preston mix) – Mimosa
12 Fred Everything & Magik Johnson – What’s Up Bro – Nightshift
13 JT Donaldson – Vanguard Nights – Vista
14 Lawnchair Generals – The Truth – Lowdown
15 Inland Knights – Slummin’ It – Amenti Music
16 Jay-J & Friends – Where the Party At? – White

Vibebratory Thang

Randy Deshaies
(November 2006 – 79 mins)

Another mix I never really planned on putting out, but it has grown on me over time. Far from flawless, but some interesting mixes and the tracks and programming has stood the test of time from my perspective. This was another mix where I was just grabbing tracks that I felt were appropriate and let my mood and vibe dictate the flow of the mix. It was not pre-programmed or touched up, so please excuse the random pops and smudges here and there. But I often feel that it gives it a more authentic feel.

01 Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Night Shade – Plastic City
02 J-Rod & Pat Nice – Foot Traffic – Roam Recordings
03 Fred Everything + JT Donaldson – Stop – Freerange
[mixed with Toka Project – Actions]
04 Toka Project – Treat Me Right – Tango Recordings
[mixed with Troy Preice – 25 Bitches]
05 Troydon – Drop It – SpatualCity
06 Soul Avengerz – Don’t Let The Morning Come (Claude Von Stroke & Justin Martin mix) – Positiva
07 Brett Johnson & Dave Barker – On The Highway (Fred Everything Rebounce) – Lazy Days Recordings
08 Demarkus Lewis – Talk To Me Dirty – Bluem Recordings
09 Trademarq – Orange Julius – Bananza Music
10 Natural Rhythm & Trap Groove – Dancefloor Jazz (Pat Bailey mix) – LowDown Music
11 Jay West – Make My Day – Headtunes Recordings
12 Fries & Bridges – Closer Love – Primal Records
13 Trademarq – Fort Dodge – Dirty Trick Records
14 Brett Johnson – Jiffy Pop – Classic Music Company
15 Loopity Goofs – Melting – Black Crack
16 The Bald & Beautiful – Yellow Brick Rhodes – Bassmint Recordings
17 Inland Knights – On Da Beat – Drop Music [mixed with Love Beads – This is the Only Way]
18 Gavin Boyce – She The Truth – Oomph
19 Lovebeads Feat. Courtney Grey – This Is The Only Way (Mousse T.’s Raw mix) – ProgCity
20 Iz & Diz – Happy (Strip Mix) – Hudd Traxx

WMC2006 mix

Randy Deshaies
(Mar 2006 – 78 mins)

The third installment of the WMC Music Sampler for our adventurous return to Miami for more House Music and debauchery in the sun. For the last few years we have been migrating south to escape the cold and monotony of every day life in Boston, hoping to revitalize our love for House. Although I cannot accurately describe exactly what it was, the past few years there was something in the air that seemed to make it different from years past. I am not sure if it was the music we heard, the sets that were played, the people we met or whatever. Maybe it was the combination of it all. In any case, we have had some really memorable times and met some great friends during the one week of the year we actually call vacation. I can try to describe it over and over but the true essence resides in a feeling, which is very hard to describe in words. After trying to describe it to people a couple time, I realized that there was a better way to express how we feel each time we go. This mix is my best interpretation of the sound and energy that embodied the spirit of the WMC. If you have been there, I hope this reminds you of the good times. If you haven’t been there, I hope it accurately depicts the mood and groove of the WMC.

01 The Realm & V – One Chance [Papa]
02 Johnny Fiasco feat. Lindsey – Crazy Love [Risque]
mixed with Miles Maeda – Beat It! [Three to Five]
03 Olivier Desmet feat. Oriental Funk Stew – Bottom’s Up [Amenti]
mixed with Lawnchair Generals – Sweet Nothing (beats) [Viva!]
04 Jake Childs feat. Alexader East – The Pain [Frerange]
05 Johnny Fiasco – Salsanova (Jacob Lonon remix) [Agave]
06 Sound Republic – When I get Paid (Wes remix) [Dae]
mixed with Mark Farina – Time To Jack [mff]
07 Bon Johnson – We Came to Break Ya [Detour]
08 Audiomotage – Bounce to the Ounce [Freerange]
mixed withJohnny Fiasco – Werk It [Utensil]
09 Trademarq – Won Ting [white]
10 Fred Everything vs M I A – Bucky Done Thing [White]
11 Demarkus Lewis – Sao Salvador (Olivier Desmet remix) [Agave]
12 Jazzy Eyewear – Gotta Be Real (Zoo Brazil remix) [Uma]
13 Trademarq – Black Girlfriend [Inuendo]
14 Jake Childs – Dirty H-Town [Uni:form]
15 Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris – Cookys [Purple]
16 Mark Grant feat Russoul – You R the 1 [Blackstone]
17 Iz & Diz – Magnificent (Fred Everything remix) [OM Records]


Randy Deshaies
(December 2005 – 94 mins)

A journey into the deeper discoy side of house music. Mixed on a cold february night. Never released cause I got a lil to caught up in the vibe and recorded too long. And felt like it would have lost its meaning if I chopped it. Layed back grooves for chillin, driving, sleeping or fucking.

01 Audio Montage – Wild Light – Freerange
02 Infectious Audio – Jacob’s Groove (Fresh & Low mix) – Offset
03 Halo – Lakeshore Dr – Bluem
04 Âme – Hydraulic Dog – Sonar Kollektiv
05 Deepchild – Life Time – Future Classic
06 Franck Rogers – We Walk to Dance – Seasons Limited
07 Metro Area – Proton Candy – Environ
08 Boogalu – A Place In The Sun – MAW
09 Soldier of the Twilight – Believe – 20:20 Vision
10 David Gahan – I Need You (Jay’s Summerdub) – Mute Records Ltd.
11 Lance DeSardi – Terribly Cosmo – Siesta
12 Jake Childs – Someone Else – Housetown Records
13 David Panda – Sister Supreme (Fred Everything Movin’ Dub) – Dessous
14 Rivera Rotation – Latinica Witch (Vincenzo’s Satin Soul Mix) – Lounge
15 Olivier Desmet & Chuck Diesel – Murdered – ABA
16 Solid Gold Playaz – Le Soul Afrique – Kanzleramt
17 Trentemøller – Le Champagne – Naked Music Recordings


Randy Deshaies
(Dec 2003 – 72 mins)

Very early on a fall morning, after a special evening with friends of old and new, I sat by my computer when I was overcome by an old feeling which I hadn’t felt
in a while. In the midst of a chaotic persuit of achievement and progress, I felt as though the intial feelings that sparked the movement inside my heart was some how diluted and less significant. But after seeing a room of friends and colleages dancing til sunrise with no other purpose except to have fun, I suddenly remembered what we were all doing this for. DJs who are continouly competing for the few danceclubs which still embrace our music, as well as rival promoter, just forgot about themselves and danced to one groove. It reminded me of when I was first introduced to dance music and every weekend I just could wait to hear the next DJ, the next record, and dance on the next dancefloor.

That is why I love this music. It inspires me everyday. Inspires me to move forward and upward. Tiny moments of inspiration arranged in a 4/4 pattern. Some people don’t understand and some may never understand… but to me, it is deep, personal, and something that has defined me in some ways. I made this CD out of that purest form of inspiration as a constant reminder of why I am doing this. This CD was done in one take with no pre-programming to catch the essence of the moment as well as project an accurate reflection of this feeling. I hope the music will help or inspires you just the same as it has for me.

Keep it Deep…..

01 Natural Rhythm – Freak FM – Blockhead Recordings
02 Andrew Macari – Low Down – Grab Recordings
03 Swirl Peepz – Untrue – Lowdown Music
04 Demarkus Lewis – Make it Mellow – Nordic Trax
05 Fred Everything – For the Music (dub) – Lowdown Music
06 Pete Moss – R. U. Serious – Worship Records
07 Jake Childs – Back to Basics (Fiasco mix) – Dedicated Musique
08 Insignifacant Others – It’s Me – Skyline
09 Undercover Agency – The Right way – Seductive
10 Andy Caldwell – Carnival – OM Records
11 Lance Desardi – Computer People – Muzique Boutique
12 Owusu & Green – Nevermore (Triangle Orchester mix) – Naked Music
13 Alexander East – Lights Out – Planet East
14 Solar House – Heaven (Cloud Nine) – Large Music
15 DJ T – Philly – Get Physical


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